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Turning Vegetarian?

There is nothing more exciting than cooking a vegetarian dish. I would have never thought that such thing would have been possible in my kitchen. I grew up with meat or fish at every meal, breakfast not included. But then something totally unexpected happened. Two years ago I met a wonderful family from India and… Read More Turning Vegetarian?

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Cereal Chevdo recipe

Last night I had one of these food frenzy moments. In less than two hours I made a lemon pound cake (2nd time in less than two weeks) and something I tried for the first time: Cereal Chevdo. I got the recipe from Y. and S., who also gave me the recipe for the kulfi ice cream. Ceral Chevdo is a spicy cereal mix popular in India. Super easy to make and also super easy to eat as a snack if you can handle the heat. I’ve never tasted anything as spicy as this. Even mapo tofu is not close….
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Lemon Pound cake ou la version americaine du Quatre-quarts français au citron

This is the first English post on my blog. I had a couple of US guest posts but nothing really serious because I’ve been lazy, shy and very doubtful about writing in English here. Lazy because English is not my mother tongue and no matter how hard I tried, I’ve never been able to appreciate my English writting skills. Hopefully It will change. Shy because 99% of the visitors of the blog are coming from France and reading an English post is not one of your favorite thing in the world. Don’t pretend it is 😉 At last, doubtful because…
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Chicken Wings en VO, pour cause de weekend sportif

Aujourd’hui pas de doughnut pour cause de weekend consacré à faire de sport… Et oui ça m’arrive, ahem… Mes cuisses m’en veulent terriblement et mes abdos ressuscitent… Aïïïe, c’est moche la douleur. Du coup je laisse les autres, en l’occurence Mr Food In Mouth parler de délicieuses cuisses de poulet à ma place et in English s’il vous plaît ! In the States, bigger is better. I can’t be certain of whether that contains intrinsic truth, or whether it’s just a widely accepted truth. Everything from Biggie sizing things to the Big Gulp to Escalades. It’s no suprise that Americans…
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DBGB Kitchen and Bar

Yayyyy! Today is guest post day! Please welcome Copy and Paste, my two best friends specially when I’m having good time on the beach. I know it’s painful for those who are sweating like crazy behind their screen at work, but let’s face it: life is unfair… Danny went to the Daniel Boulud’s new place, DBGB Kitchen and Bar!!! Enjoy his review! There’s nothing that catches my attention faster than when someone tells me about a good deal. As someone who once brought his own rice into a take-out restaurant, I’m someone who constantly looks out for a bargain. You…
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Carls Cheesesteaks

Bon, nous y voilà… J’ai posé la question hier et visiblement un post en anglais ne vous fait pas peur à condition qu’on y aille mollo sur la fréquence de ces posts. Alors, je ne sais pas vous, mais moi j’adooooore faire travailler les autres à ma place, surtout lorsqu’ils sont consentants voire vo-lon-taires. Quand Danny de Food in Mouth, m’a proposé de faire un “guest post” j’ai réfléchi un huitième de seconde et dans ma grande bonté j’ai dit: yes of course! Merci de commenter dans la langue de Shakespeare si vous souhaitez que l’auteur de ce post vous…
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